I finished something!

Last night I finally finished my teen's belated birthday mitts. I tried to match them as much as possible but the 2nd mitt ended up longer. Oh well, she didn't mind. I really enjoyed knitting with my handspun and already have plans to cast on a new project with handspun. Until next time, laugh often,… Continue reading I finished something!

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Mitt progress

I've made decent progress on the teens belated birthday mitts. The first mitt is done and second is past the thumb split. Ive been idling on these a bit while getting ready for tour de fleece and our busy schedules at home. This project usually gets pulled out at night while we watch TV (still… Continue reading Mitt progress

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Couldn’t wait

I tried, I really did! Seeing all the beautiful dyed fibers in the tote on my spinning cart was just too much. I decided to go another direction with my Tour de fleece spinning, so I decided to use the rovings as fun spinning until then. The first one I finished was the KORE -… Continue reading Couldn’t wait


Crunch time

I've been busy preparing for a local vendor event this weekend. So far I've made needle felted coasters, felted dolls, resin pieces and plan to see a few baby dolls. I set up my time so it's like a job, only working on those items during the day which saved night time crafting for personal… Continue reading Crunch time


Mitt progression

I've made tons of progress this weekend on the teens belated birthday mitts. Stockinette is perfect for mindless knitting and quick results. I'm past the second set of increases and waiting for the teen to try it on before I go too much further. I split the full yarn cake in half with 198 yards… Continue reading Mitt progression

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Delayed birthday knitting

I finally finished spinning the 3 black and purple braids of merino I bought awhile ago. Last night I wound one to start knitting a birthday pair of arm warmers for my teen, whose birthday was yesterday. Story of my life lately. The yarn is 100% merino that I custom ordered for the teen. Spun… Continue reading Delayed birthday knitting

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Cleaning leads to spinning?

I finally feel better from the stomach bug this weekend.  Our youngest is back to her usual self, our teen is recovering from being sick yesterday, and Peanut is currently in the beginning stages of feeling horrible with a slight fever.  I cleaned our main room a bit today and opened the shades to let… Continue reading Cleaning leads to spinning?

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When fiber spins itself

I haven't touched my knitting since last week. I've been working on dolls still. But I did spin a bit today. By a bit I mean 4 ounces, part of Miss Teen's sweater fiber. Spun on my SpinEKube since the bobbins are bigger. The singles came out to be about a fingering weight, which is… Continue reading When fiber spins itself