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Trying something new

I had to frog my shortie socks. The fold over hem was too tight to comfortably go over my heel. However I immediately cast on for a new sock with simple K2P2 ribbing. I did about 4 rows of knitting just over the first 32 stitches to make the back of the sock slightly higher than the front.

I wasn’t enjoying the needle I used for when I cast on, a stubby point wooden needle with far too long of cable for socks, I think it was 40″. While digging around for a shorter needle in my needle bag I found a 9″ needle that I bought a while ago to try. It was the perfect time to switch as I had completed the heel flap, turn, and picked up the gusset stitches. I read somewhere that when trying a 9″ circ you should use it for a full sock, preferably both socks of a pair before making up your mind. So that’s what I’m going to do. I admit, it was very fiddly the first few rounds and I also switched needles a few times. But I’m beginning to enjoy it, and appreciate space saving when tossing the project bag in my purse for appointments.

Yesterday I was completely impulsive and decided to get a tattoo I’ve wanted for years. Every time I knit socks or something needing decreases I have to Google which decrease leans which way. You’d think I’d remember this after knitting socks for so many years but nope. Normally when knitting socks I’ll grab an ink pen and write SSK on my finger or hand to help me remember but with dishes and normal activities it never lasts long enough to finish the sock decreases. A tattoo on the other hand, won’t wash off like pen ink. This is my 13th tattoo, and definitely not my last.

Until next time, laugh often, love deeply and knit the day away!

2 thoughts on “Trying something new

  1. I tried 9″ circular last year and found I love them for plain patterns that I knit one at a time as a very small project to use for car or travel knitting. Now I always have vanilla-ish socks on 9″ as well as a 2 at a time pair on magic loop that is a complicated pattern .

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