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Homeschool year 5

August 1st means the start of our homeschool year. Because we are all Autistic ADHD, I’m always looking for ways to update our schedules to make them work for us. In addition to getting the kids on a better routine, I will also be able to get on routine and have more focused time for different tasks and hobbies.

Having routines is so important (Autistic trait) but they are harder to stick to (ADHD trait). I have found that adjusting our schedule to help stop any conflicts with non-preferred tasks and executive dysfunction, AKA “I don’t want to, it’s not fun” and “I lost track of time” / being unable to control emotions and impulses.

To help support our new schedule I added it to our Alexa devices to help us with transitions. I set one for AM/before lunch and one for PM/after lunch. I made sure to add a wiggle break to our computer school time to let them get up and dance for a couple minutes.

This year we have a high school senior, a 5th-ish, and a preschooler who also wants to tackle kindergarten (she has big goals for next summer that require her finish kinder this year).

( Here are our Alexa routines and how I set them up to help anyone with setting up something similar.


PM: )

While the girls finish lunch and start their online curriculum, I’m going to start plying my 12 ounces of SW merino blend. I’m looking forward to having dedicated knitting time with the girls doing school work so it’s time to get this done.

Until next time, laugh often, love deeply and knit the day away!

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