Spinning Saturday – hot mess express

Tour de fleece started great, I was spinning every day and making lots of progress. I didn’t take into consideration how busy we are in July and that proved to be my downfall. Between the teen getting the big C, thankfully no one else in the house did, and Peanut’s summer camp, I was completely overwhelmed this month.

I have been crafting though so I have quite a bit to show you. Today I’ll focus on spinning and a small amount of knitting.

First up is my sw merino blend, you’ll notice from the picture that there are now 3 bobbins with singles. I’ve spun all 12 ounces now. And have a solid knitting project in mind once it’s plied later this week. Miss 4 YO lives her momma knit sweaters and has asked for a sweater dress. I knit her a Rainbow dress (pattern by Tikki) last fall and she wears it as often as she can. She wants a mix between her sweaters (harvest or flax light are my go to) and her rainbow dress. So my plan is to cast on for Harvest and mesh into rainbow dress (adjusting from the written for DK pattern of course) after separating the sleeves. I know I won’t need all 12 ounces so I’ll likely make myself a pair of socks with the rest going to my super long term jelly roll blanket.

I haven’t been k itting too much this month as I’ve really had no desire to. That and I’ve been occupied with other hobbies. Pattern is Every day socks (Ravelry link) by Rachel Boulahanis. The yarn is Lollipop yarns. My favorite socks to wear are shortie socks and these fit the bill perfectly, plus they have a tab on the back of the heel to help keep them up in shoes.

Until next time, laugh often, love deeply and knit the day away!

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