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TdF day 14

I fully intended to blog yesterday but that didn’t happen. My chronic pain decided to flair yesterday and I needed to spend my spoons in other places. I was able to finish plying my combed grey cormo singles. Out of the 6 bobbins of singles, I had very little left over. Since I’m still combing and spinning the rest, it can easily be used up.

I wanted to see what my yarn would look as a 6ply cabled yarn so I did a ply back sample. You can see the 3 separate singles on the left side of my hand with them plied together on the right. In the middle of my hand is the plyback sample. I actually really like the cabled ply sample and may go back later to ply again but for now I’m leaving them as two very large 3-ply skeins.

I’ve skeined and soaked the skeins. There was a small bit of dirt and lanolin in the soak water which didn’t surprise me as I felt a small bit of lanolin while spinning. The skeins are drying a little more before I reskein and measure the yardage.

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