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TdF day 7 – injury

I had plans to spin a bit this morning at middle kiddo’s OT. But apparently if you keep leaving the battery in after you’re done spinning, you’ll find out it’s dead next time you go to use it. Thankfully, I also had knitting packed in my bag so I wasn’t sitting there with nothing to do.

I’ve been crafting a little less the last couple days due to a shoulder injury. I felt a pop in my left shoulder several days ago and have had pain since. I was able to get into our chiropractor today and she said it wasn’t out thankfully but my muscles are very tight and spasming. After an adjustment, I’m a bit sore and stiff as my muscles adjust to everything being where it’s supposed to be. I’m taking it easy today and may only spin for a few minutes as even holding my phone with my left hand hurts after a while.

Here is my progress on yesterday’s spinning. I got probably half an ounce spun. Doubt I’ll finish the ounce today but we will see.

Until next time, laugh often, love deeply and knit the day away!

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