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TdF day 6 + stash gains

Yesterday was a great spining day. I was able to get quite a lot of the Leicester Longwood spun up. I’m taking a break from that today to spin some new fiber I got in the mail last night.

This is a 4oz braid of Jacob wool from Napa Valley fiber. I am in their monthly fiber club, this is my 2nd shipment since I joined and I’m in love with it. Normally I wouldn’t consider these to be my colors but hubby perked up right away when he saw it.

Sometime, years and years ago I promised to knit the hubby Dragonball socks. Each time I bought yarn I thought would work he would always tell me that no, one or more of the colors was wrong. I gave up on looking for yarn for these socks and the “Dragonball socks” have been a joke between us ever since. Until last night, apparently these are exactly the right colors. Great, time to fulfill my promise.

I’ve separated the braid into 4 sections each weighing an ounce. I’ll spin each as a separate single, then make 2 separate 2-ply yarns, then ply those together to make a cable ply. Cable-ply yarn is definitely my favorite for knitting socks.

Until next time, laugh often, love deeply and knit the day away!

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