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TdF day 3 and a new project

Sitting down to start spinning on TdF day 3. My bobbin is filling up, although it looks quite similar. After this 4oz braid I’ll be taking a break from this merino blend to spin a different color fiber. Hopefully it will keep it interesting for myself but also those reading my blog. (Hello šŸ¤—)

Fredrick is happy to help pose with with my fiber. I’m adding a second image of my bobbin at an angle to better show how it is filling up. I estimate I’ve spun through almost 2 ounces of this braid, so I’m close to half way.

I’ve restarted my handspun mitts and use this as my TV knitting at night with hubby. The design is probably hard to see in the picture but it’s something I’m making up as I go, and then writing it down on my Evernote project so I can replicate it for mitt two. Since I no longer use Ravelry, I needed a place to keep track of my project notes and Evernote fit the bill perfectly. Someday I’ll share my fiber stash pages that I try to keep up with as I purchase and spin my fiber stash. I have a notebook set up for yarn stash but the chance of me adding the stash is low.

Until next time, laugh often, love deeply and knit the day away!

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