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Sample spinning – Jacob fleece

Prepping for TdF I wanted to decide if I was going to card or comb my Jacob fleece. I took all 3 colors (dark, light, and the mix when not being able to clearly separate them) and combed them into nests. Then carded the “waste” into a tiny rolled batt.

I think some of the difference I felt was due to my hand carding skills not being able to separate the locks as well as I can while combing. But likely also from the fiber characteristics itself. The fleece I processed is very crimpy which tangles more during hand carding I feel.

I have all my samples as singles right now but I do want to ply the combed singles to see how it behaves as a traditional 3-ply yarn. But first a short rest for both the singles and myself. (I’ll edit this post with the 3 ply pictures and thoughts)

Updating with plied yarns. The left is combed fibers as a 3-ply. I really like this the most as the 3 plies and combed fibers are smooth and rounded. In the middle is a 2ply after the darkest shade bobbin ran out. Then the carded singles on the right, this is my least favorite. This of course is very biased opinion since I prefer combed top over roving and carded preps.

Until next time, laugh often, love deeply and knit the day away!

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