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Quarantine means more craft time

Last week was super busy for us. Our middle kiddo started her adaptive summer camp as well as miss 4 year old starting OT and speech therapy. Then on Sunday our teen tested positive for Covid. Instant full stop on everything.

With all this free time, I’ve been crafting. First up, is about 5 ounces of carded grey cormo. I tried taking a shortcut when I washed this and didn’t separate it lock by lock. I wasn’t happy with how disorganized the locks became so I set that batch aside to be carded. I still need to reskein and measure yardage as it just dried from it’s bath to set the twist. This will be a textured slouch hat sometime this fall.

I also started knitting this fingerless mitt. I wanted to try a design element that has been rolling around in my head for several months. I loved the result of laddering the dropped stitches up in groups. But in the end I frogged the mitt as I wasn’t happy with the thumb area. I love the way this handspun knits up so it will quickly be back on the needles.

Yesterday I was able to finish this slouch hat while watching junk TV shows on my laptop while the younger girls played. This has been on the needles for quite a while, mainly because I misplaced the project bag it was in. I organized my craft baskets and found it earlier in the week.

Tomorrow I’ll start spinning for tour de fleece. I plan to spin every day in July, even for just a few minutes. My plan to spin only SE2SE fibers isn’t going to work well since my drum carder is still on backorder. It’s set to ship the week of the 12th, but will likely not get to me for at least another week. I do have 3 fleeces washed and picked ready for carding when it does come. I washed up horned dorset, shetland, and jacob. I may wash up another smaller fleece but I’ll see what time allows.

Until next time, laugh often, love deeply and knit the day away!

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