Spinning, Wool

Couldn’t wait

I tried, I really did! Seeing all the beautiful dyed fibers in the tote on my spinning cart was just too much. I decided to go another direction with my Tour de fleece spinning, so I decided to use the rovings as fun spinning until then.

The first one I finished was the KORE – goddess of spring from Your FiberyGodmother. This is 4 ounces of a 2ply BFL. It’s still sitting on the bobbin waiting to be skeined and finished but I’m assuming a fingering to sport weight. I wanted the colors to be different as much as possible during the ply so I’d get lots of barber pole sections.

Immediately after finishing the BFL I switched bobbins and started the 60/30/10 blend also from Your FiberyGodmother, this one is River Blossoms. I originally bought 8 ounces but went back and bought the tester braid in the same blend and colorway to make a 3ply. So I have 12 ounces, which is alot of a kid sweater but that leaves me plenty to get creative or make a 2nd one in a bigger size.

Until next time, laugh often, love deeply and knit the day away!

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