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Tour de fleece prep

I forgot to take pictures of my table set up at the vendor show on Sunday. But the event went pretty good. Didn’t sell as much as I hoped but you never really know what people are going to buy at events.

Now that the event is over I’m getting ready for tour de fleece (TdF) to start end of June. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s an event for spinners that follows the tour de France. When they spin/ride, you spin and when they rest, you rest. I joined a low-key group on FB for the makers of my e-spinners Electric Eel Wheels (EEW).

Since I buy almost all my wool as raw fleece, I need to start processing now to have wool ready to spin at the end of the month. Today I worked on fluffing some grey cormo that I had washed wrong for my other big spinning project. For that one I wash lock by lock then comb. This batch I washed the it all at once, this losing the individual locks.

But that’s ok because I want to break out of my spinning comfort zone and spin wollen. I really enjoy spinning the same prep and drafting method so that means spinning combed top with a no twist in the draft triangle (worsted) and spinning carded roving with twist in the drafting triangle (woolen).

So far I’ve carded 3 ounces of this grey cormo into loose rolags. I also bought a wide drum carder that will let me card 4 ounces batts at a time. Really loving my employee discount at the yarn shop I work at as otherwise a drum carder would be out of my price range.

I also ordered some dyed roving from a couple places for TdF. One shop came today but too late to get good pictures of the beautiful colors. I’ll try to get some tomorrow.

Until next time, laugh often, love deeply and knit the day away!

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