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Cleaning leads to spinning?

I finally feel better from the stomach bug this weekend.  Our youngest is back to her usual self, our teen is recovering from being sick yesterday, and Peanut is currently in the beginning stages of feeling horrible with a slight fever. 

I cleaned our main room a bit today and opened the shades to let in the sun.  Once it fully warms up I’ll be opening the windows across the house to get any leftover yuck out.  While cleaning, I decided to reorganize my fiber area and spinning cart.  I decided on a whim to sell my spin-e-kube wheel and buy a EEL 6, same maker as my nano.  The eel 6 will take up much less room and is quieter even at full speed than my spin-e-kube was at low speed.  In a house with most of us having at least some level of sensory processing, loud sounds like my spin-e-kube just don’t mix.  Now I should say that I loved my cedar spinner.  It was a workhorse and really wasn’t loud by most people’s standards. 

Without my spin-e-kube on my spinning cart I had more room for current projects and cleaned fiber.  Now I won’t need to dig around and search for my fiber combs or bag of washed fiber.  Before I had things in the same area of the room but not really together. And since I only wash fiber when I’m ready to spin it, all my raw fleeces are still in the 35 gal tote.  All my cotton is still boxed up until I have time to practice on it more. 

Anyways after playing around and organizing all my fiber stuff I felt like getting my nano out to spin.  I grabbed my braid of merino from Your Fibery Godmother in their desert pools colorway.  Since my nano has 2oz bobbins I split the braid in half by folding in half and breaking the fiber in the middle.  One half I braided back up to keep it tidy, then the other was split first in half lengthwise while keeping the last inch or so together then split again in half lengthwise (again keeping part of it together) so I had 1 very long piece of thinner fiber.  You can see the difference in how the colors repeat in the picture below. I forgot to take a picture until I had already spin ing so some is in my lap and on the wheel. I’m excited to see how the yarn finishes.

Until next time, laugh often, love deeply and knit the day away!

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