Life and Family

We interrupt your crafting…

Little miss 4 year old came down with a stomach bug early last week. When she gets sick it’s not usually a long ordeal but this time it kicked her little butt. She is 6 days in and still feverish and fighting dehydration. Mainly because she’s stubborn like her momma. I barely touched any of my crafts this week and what I did do, isn’t enough to be noticeable or blog worthy.

Then yesterday I came down with the same fun bug. Thankfully I’m already back to about 80% after resting all day yesterday. Last night I was able to mindlessly listen to Hamilton for a little bit and enjoyed sips of simple 7up. But my energy levels aren’t quite back up yet. I did manage to play Stardew valley with the teen a bit this morning though.

Crafting should resume in the next day or so, hopefully. And hopefully my knitting mojo returns with it. Until next time, laugh often, love deeply and knit the day away!

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