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Fleece, fiberfill and baby dolls

My mind likes to wander and then hyper fixate on the strangest things sometimes. This weekend while browsing Etsy I came across a baby doll pattern that I remembered I had bought several years ago. I printed the pattern pieces and ordered some fleece in several skin tones to pick up at my local shop.

Today was spent tracing and cutting out 6 dolls. I was able to fit 2 dolls on just a smidge more than a half yard of fleece. I decided working as an assembly line would be most efficient so I traced 2 dolls on 3 of the 4 shades I had bought. I got bored with tracing and wanted to get to the sewing part. Then I cut out all 6 dolls and was able to get one sewn up before supper tonight.

I want to work on the face sculpting more but I’m excited to have the first doll done. Which was then claimed by Miss 4 year old, the family’s baby doll collector. Thankfully I had already planned on keeping this first doll, as it wasn’t as neat as I wanted.

Once I finish 1 doll from each skin tone, I’ll post them here on my website for sale. But I’ve already shared them as available on IG. I’m waiting for some adorable newborn size sleepers I found on clearance that I’ve decided all the babies will be sent to their new homes in. Since the doll measures 19″, it can easily wear newborn size clothes. I’m considering making magnetic pacifiers as an add on as well.

Fundraiser item- I have 2 of each skin tone in progress and more available. 100% of proceeds (minus any transaction fees and shipping cost) will be donated to Penny’s fundraiser for her service dog.

Dolls will be available in 4 skin tones: fair (pictured), blush, almond, and chocolate. Price will be $45 plus shipping. Baby will come home with an outfit (reveal on that in a few days), 2 cloth doll diapers, and a birth certificate.

Each doll has safety eyes that are generally safe for 3+. Eyes can be embroidered at no extra cost in place of safety eyes.

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