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Stash Sunday

For the most part, I try to knit and spin from stash fiber/yarn, but I’ve had a few fiber purchases come in the last month. My yarn stash is usually adequate for small projects and occasional kid sweaters. But since most of my yarns are single skeins bought with socks in mind, I have to shop when I want to knit larger projects.

Recently, one of my online LYS announced they were closing. The loopy ewe was one of the first online shops I bought yarn from when I taught myself to knit in 2007. The other, Sonny and Shear, has been closed for years. Embarrassingly, I still have many of those first skeins of yarn I bought that year. I really should make some deep stash projects soon. Anyways, when Sheri announced she was closing TLE and offering a 25% discount on orders, I had to take advantage. I bought a couple more bottles of my favorite wool wash, backups of my most used needles (US 1.5 for socks and US 3 for slouch hats), and a sweaters worth of yarn.

Six wonderful skeins of Malibrigo Rios in the 862 Piedras colorway decided to come home to me. Although, at one point I had close to $700 worth of yarn (after discount) in my cart. My wallet was definitely happy that I cut that way way down! I had a few ideas on what I’d knit but figured I’d decide when it was time to cast on. Well this week I decided it was time, and picked the February lady sweater. I’m not too far in, maybe 3 inches, so I’ll wait to show a picture until next week. But I’m loving the mindless garter knitting.

Yesterday I realized it has been too long since I spun on my cormo wool, so I combed a bit and spun about an ounce. It likes to spin up incredibly thin, about 60 WPI so it takes me a while to spin even an ounce. I took a picture of the drafted wool before I allowed the twist to enter to show just how thin I’m spinning, although I could definitely spin it even thinner if I wanted. I also did a 3ply sample to see how it might look that way and I was surprised to see that I’ll get a nice balanced fingering weight yarn. This got me thinking about patterns and how I want to use this yarn. I’m starting to doubt my original sweater idea now. Especially since it called for worsted weight and I’ll definitely have a yarn much lighter than that.

I’ll just keep spinning all the grey cormo I have washed up and see how many bobbins I fill up. Since I’m spinning on my EEW nano, my bobbins hold about 2 ounces of singles – although I haven’t weighed either the prepped clouds or finished bobbins to confirm. I’m working on the 5th bobbin and should get at least one more after this one, which will give me approximately 12 ounces of singles.

After I finish the grey cormo, my next spinning project will be this black merino I had custom dyed from Your Fibery Godmother on Etsy. I ordered 12 ounces so that I had plenty to make a sweater for Miss teen, even though I’m sure it will end up being a cropped sweater. I’ll spin this on my SpinEKube wheel since it has larger bobbins and I tend to spin slightly thicker on that e-spinner. I won’t split the roving, instead I’ll spin off the top and go back and forth to allow for long color changes. I’ll chain ply to keep the color gradation together. I doubt I’ll need more than 2 of the braids so I might leave the third to spin a lighter weight yarn later for matching accessories.

Until next time, laugh often, love deeply and knit the day away!

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