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Neon stripes and little hexagons

I’ve taken a few days to figure out what projects I wanted to work on. Having so many hobbies is a blessing but also most often a curse. I often feel guilty when I’m working on anything besides my knitting, since it was my first “love” (well technically I did crochet before but we don’t talk about that). But besides knitting, I also enjoy cross stitch (very occasionally embroidery) as well as sewing, both by hand and machine.

I spent one day working on a small English paper piecing (EPP) project that I started several years ago. I have two EPP projects going, a larger 1″ hexie and this smaller one. These are about 5/8″ on the side which give about a 1 inch canvas for smaller prints. I have no plan or end point for this but of sewing. I plan to just add to it as I find fabric with small motifs to it. No pattern or design layout. I just add bits where ever trying to not put the same fabric too close to itself.

Because hand sewing isn’t a mindless craft, I picked up a sock project I had started. Originally these were going to be for me but the colors are perfect for Miss Peanut my middle kiddo. Blue is her favorite color but she definitely loves rainbows – especially bright ones. I decided to use a folded cuff and garter stitch short row heel on these. Otherwise it’s my usual 68 stitch shorty sock recipe. Peanut’s foot measures at 7.5″ which is about a child’s 13/1 or so but she likes her socks less snug around her foot. She’s tried it on as I knit to check for length and she likes the fit so far. I figure I can take the toe out and add length as her foot grows without having to worry about circumference.

Until next time, laugh often, love deeply and knit the day away!

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