Early Wednesday posting

Last week I skipped posting since the only thing I’ve worked on is my Llama Drama shawl. I was able to finish it tonight and even got ends woven in, washed and it’s on the blocking mats. Blocking shawls is definitely not a skill I’d say I’m proficient in since I don’t knit shawls on the regular but at least it won’t look crumbled.

I’m posting tonight in place of tomorrow since I’ll be spending most of the afternoon either at the dentist or heavily drugged from said time at the dentist. Last weekend life decided I needed a curve ball and I was “blessed” with a tooth abscess that instead of being a nice and easy to treat pus pocket, it decided my jaw and cheek muscles were a better home. I’ll spare you the swollen face from infection and steroids pictures. After a high dose of steroids and a strong broad spectrum antibiotic (I’m one of those lucky enough to be allergic to anything related to penicillin), I’m starting to feel some relief and see a glimpse of my normal face structure. Tomorrow will be likely spent on the couch watching cartoons with kiddos and involve zero knitting or intelligent thought structures.

I’ll leave you with a couple blocking pictures of the shawl. Until next time, laugh often, love deeply and knit the day away!

2 thoughts on “Early Wednesday posting”

  1. May I suggest blocking wires. They are perfect for shawls. Knit Picks makes a set. You don’t get the scalloped edges that pins alone create. I love mine. They are also great for sweater blocking. Just love the turquoise and purple colors of your shawl.

    1. I actually have the set from knit picks that I’ve had forever. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to find them as quickly last night. I’ve used them once or twice in the almost 20 years I’ve had them. Although that will probably change since I feel the urge to knit more shawls.

      The colors definitely added to the fun of the knitting.

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