Sample knitting and socks

I started sample knitting for my LYS a couple weeks ago. It’s a great way to knit patterns that look fun but aren’t something I’d wear or use new yarns. So my main project right now is this shawl by Casapinka, The pattern is Llama Drama and the yarn is Yakima from Plymouth yarn. I tend to work on this when the girls are playing and keeping themselves busy, especially in the mosaic section.

When I knit more complex patterns, I always like to have something else that’s mindless on my needles too. I’m currently on the 2nd of my socks. I’m using my usual 68 stitch pattern with a slip stitch heel. I like to use a rounded square heel turn as that seems to fit best for my foot. The yarn is Chaotic from Lollipop yarns. I’ve knit the heel flap, heel turn, picked up for the gusset, and just started with decreases down the foot. I should easily be able to have this 2nd sock finished by next week.

Until next time, Laugh often, love deeply, and knit the day away!

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