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Three weeks of crafting – pt. 3

I’ve been itching to get down to my sewing area for over a year but when my hubby working from home since the middle of March 2020 and the fact that we share an office, I don’t get to sew as much as I’d like. Since he took vacation time for the holidays, I was able to get down there to sew and most importantly, organize my fabric stash.

After organizing fabric and printing new sizes for Miss 4-year-old, I was able to sew this hoodie for Miss Teen. I don’t remember buying the plaid but as soon as I saw it, I knew it needed to be for her. I think it worked well with the Supernatural panel and coordinating fabric I had set aside for her 2 years ago. I used the Tami hoodie from Pattern Niche formally New Horizons. I’ve made it several times before in various sizes so it was a quick sew and helped me break back into clothes making.

I need to start making more time, probably on the weekends, to get downstairs to sew. Miss 4-year-old is having sensory-related issues with her clothes lately so instead of buying things not knowing how they fit or it will set off sensory alarms, it’s easier to make them. Considering it’s been almost 2 years since I’ve made clothes for her, I need to measure her again and see if I can repurpose her previous makes she loved so much.

Part 4 *should* be the last one! Hopefully!

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