Three weeks of crafting – pt. 2

In my head, splitting up these catch-up posts into a few smaller posts makes more sense than having you scroll through a super long post. This one will have actual projects in it so yay!

Shortly after New Year’s, I finished Miss 4-year-old’s sweater and she wore it to her preschool art class on the 4th. She was super excited to show off her sweater and since I bought the yarn for it there, she got to model a bit for the owner, Christy. As you can kind of see in the picture, it’s a full yarn shop meets craft meca. Makit Takit has so many options craft-wise from yarn, painting, metal stamping, and a splatter paint room.

The yarn I used for this sweater (Fibra Natura Cobblestone in Mardi Gras 100% superwash merino) came in a 7-ounce ball. Which was more than enough to knit a small-ish kid sweater. I really need to weigh the leftovers but they will more than likely end up as a slouch hat for the shop, eventually.

I worked on my Jelly Roll blanket the most over the holidays. It’s a great mindless pattern that’s knit in garter stitch. It’s great for my large amount of sock yarn scraps but can easily knit in any gauge. Fully admit, I’m not coordinating colors or setting any type of plan as I knit. It’s ok to embrace the ugly! I thought I had finished the first strip around 70″ but I committed a newbie mistake. I did all my measuring across my lap which apparently added 10″ as it stretched across my legs. *insert facepalm* I just measured again and it’s instead 60″ which is 5 feet. I haven’t fully decided if this will be a couch blanket or an extra layer for our king bed. Either way, it needs to be longer. So I’ll be unpicking the cast-off for the first strip at adding more. I also just realized my picture is on the wrong side, not that it’s a huge difference but you don’t see the slip stitch detail from joining strips.

More in part 3.

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