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Three weeks of crafting – pt. 1

First off, yikes! I realized late last week that I hadn’t posted a blog post in a while, and then the thought of trying to catch up with “all the crafting” that I had done in that time got to be overwhelming so I tried to ignore it. While I had big hopes of doing large amounts of crafting over the holidays, life decided that wasn’t going to happen.

I’ll try to stay chronological with what I did get done but since you really won’t know the difference, it’s really me being a minor perfectionist. And I actually had to go back and read my own blog to see where I last updated and the last project I had posted an update about.

Before the holidays I posted about finishing our middle kiddo’s fingerless mitts. Peanut loves them very much and wears them quite often, even to bed. She’s very knit-worthy, even if I’m hesitant sometimes as her sensory safe zones can change drastically at times. Peanut is Autistic and ADHD, which I’m not sure if I’ve discussed here on the blog. But I do talk about it quite a bit on her Instagram account. She doesn’t post to IG, but we use it as our place to discuss her life and our journey fundraising for her Autism Service Dog.

We’ve been fundraising for a little over a year and are not quite halfway through raising our family fee for her dog. I mention this, for the sole reason to tie in the shop feature I am working on for here on the blog. I tend to get into a hyper-focus with my knitting and enjoy a project so much that I make way more than we need at home (Sockhead hats I’m looking at you!). So I will be opening a shop of sorts to sell these items instead of dealing with Etsy fees. All money raised from the shop will go directly to Peanut’s fundraiser – of course, minus any fees from the sale. Not so shameless promotion over!

Over the holidays it seemed like we lived in urgent care and the ER. Peanut got bronchitis then badly sprained her ankle falling down the stairs. Then not to be forgotten, Miss 4-year-old got tonsilitis. It’s really a wonder I finished anything over these past several weeks. More in Part 2

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