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10 days left

Although I’m done with holiday gift knitting, I still have been pushing myself to finish my current projects on the needles. *knocks on wood* I might actually finish them in time to be holiday gifts! Of course, now that I’ve said that, the universe will mess with me, oh well.

First up with Miss 4 year old’s sweater, her new purple sweater as she refers to it. I have sectioned off the sleeves and am at least 4 inches down the body of the sweater. I’ve not measured yet because I don’t want to fall into a knitterly black hole. Per pattern instructions for this size, I need at least 9 inches on the body before I knit the ribbing. I might knit to 10 inches to fit a bit longer. Then sleeves, while hopefully avoiding sleeve island! I’m really liking the way the colors are pooling so far.

Next project still on my needles are the fingerless mitts for my middle kiddo. I worked on this yesterday and made quite a bit of progress. Last week I had finished the first mitt (except for the thumb) and had cast on for the 2nd. Then I ignored it for some reason. I meant to pick it up this weekend but yeah that didn’t happen. Since it’s just K2P2 it’s very mindless and perfect for keeping my hands busy while I watch my “junk tv” shows. I just need to finish the light blue stripe I’m on and one more dark blue before starting the thumb gusset. And now that I know how long to knit the hand section, that should fly as well.

A little progress on spinning as well. I started and finished the 4th bobbin on my grey Cormo fleece. I scoured what I had flicked so far and have a couple ounces left to flick then scour. I’ll likely take a couple days after I finish my knitting projects and comb everything I have washed so it’s ready to spin. Each bobbin has about 2 ounces of singles so I’m at about 8 ounces spun so far. I’ll finish up the grey and then start on the white Cormo, which will need flicked and washed before spinning.

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