Reclaiming yarn

About 7 years ago I knit this sweater for my now middle kiddo. It was not one of the first sweaters I had knit however both the cast-on and bind-offs were a bit tight. To be honest, it was never her favorite sweater but that’s ok. Fast forward several years, we have Miss 4 year old and I was excited to have another kiddo get some wear time out of the sweaters I had knit. Well this purple sweater quickly became Miss 4 year olds favorite sweater. She started wearing it around a year old and just grew out of it recently. It would probably fit longer if it wasn’t for being tight on the cast on and bind off. The tears that flowed (hers, not mine, although I was definitely sad!) earlier this week when she wanted to wear it but couldn’t get it on.

I’ve been working on a replacement purple sweater and should have it done by Christmas. **I’ll make a separate post with WIP updates** I wanted to reclaim the yarn and make something with it, still not sure what. I thought about a stuffed animal but honestly, we don’t need anymore in this house! The yarn is Wollemeise Twin in an unknown colorway – the ball band was lost years ago. I’d love some ideas for ways to reuse this yarn. I thought about knitting it into a new sweater, I might have the rest of this skein somewhere in my yarn scrap stash. Or I could add another color of WM. What would you make?

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