Spinning, Wool

Cold weather means more wool

Friday night we had a slight dusting of snow. Enough that it covered the ground, more than a dusting but less than half an inch. Our youngest kiddos were so excited to go out and play yesterday morning. As soon as miss 4 year old came back in she said she’d never go play in snow again, it was too cold. After she thought about it some more she decided she might go outside if she really had to, or there was lots more snow. These kids, haha.

While the snow melted before evening, it got me into “knit faster” mode. And for some reason that makes me want to spin. I’ve been thinking more about my sheep to sweater plans and I’m not sure I’ll have time/dedication to spin for and knit a 2x sweater this winter. But I can spin and make a couple faster to finish kid sweaters. You’ll quickly learn I change my mind pretty quickly, definitely something I blame on my ADHD.

Until next time, Laugh often, love deeply, and knit the day away!

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