WIP Wednesday and plus a cast on

I’m slowly making progress on my middle kiddos fingerless mitts. The first mitt is about an inch away from binding off, then just the thumb left. She loves it so far and the yarn is really nice to knit with.

I decided to put the Milo vests in the basket of ignored projects until after the holidays as I have other things to finish first. Little Miss 4 year old asked for a new sweater and picked out a ball of yarn at the yarn/craft shop she has a preschool craft class at. I’ve been looking at the yarn for a few weeks anyways so it was a good excuse to buy it.

  • Pattern: Flax light but with full garter sleeves like Harvester (both are my go-to sweater patterns with lots of room to customize)
  • Size: 4-6
  • Yarn: Fibra Natura Cobblestone in Mardi Gras 100% super wash merino
  • Needles: Ribbing-US 3 And Body- US 7

I will be starting a hat for my dad out of handspun this week which should be a quick project.

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