Spinning, Wool

Wool and woes

I had full plans to blog this weekend. Knitting plans and spinning and that all went down the drain. Little Miss 4 year old got sick with middle sister’s cold on Wednesday last week, then by Friday she was miserable. On Saturday she added a fever and tummy troubles to the mix.

Once she started feeling better-ish Saturday afternoon, both younger girls started talking about how they wanted to share a room and use the other room as a playroom. So I spent the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday switching rooms around. Definitely worth it to not have to stumble over toys to put kiddos to bed but definitely not something I’m repeating anytime soon.

My big plans of spending the weekend knitting and spinning didn’t happen. But I’ve tried to make up for some of the spinning today while resting my body from the weekend. Chronic pain and completely switching around two kid’s bedrooms don’t mix! But thankfully with my espinners it doesn’t get in the way of crafting.

I’ve finished the first 2 oz of my grey Cormo and started a new bobbin. What’s left in the bowl will probably fill this bobbin, then I’ll need to comb more locks. My plan is to spin all my grey Cormo then ply them as a 2-ply. By combining the 1st bobbin and the last bobbin together, I’ll blend any inconsistency in my spinning. Since this is spinning so fine, I’m thinking of spinning a cabled yarn with 6 plies to make my worsted weight needed for my sweater. I need to do a little more research on cabled yarns but that’s my plan.

The toggle switch I bought is definitely making spinning faster as I can quickly turn it on and off to move the yarn hook or grab a new nest of fluff.

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