Happy Thanksgiving

Today we had my dad over for Thanksgiving lunch. My mom had to work and I didn’t want him to be stuck at home alone. Since our two youngest are still dairy-free and one is soy-free as well, I made everything from scratch. We had turkey, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes & gravy, corn, and cornbread. For dessert, I made apple pie and pumpkin mousse that I put in a graham cracker crust.

The pumpkin mousse is from a cookbook I bought 9 years ago and make several recipes out of it every year for holidays or just because, Dairy-free cookbook . My middle kiddo asks for her pumpkin pie every year and I’m always happy to make it. It does take some time to put together but so does anything from scratch. And it turns out amazing every year, I’ve had people say it was better than the pumpkin pie they are used to.

Apple pies, on the other hand, are not something I make every year. But I wanted to make something special for my dad and apple pie is his favorite. I followed the Perfect Apple Pie from Pillsbury. I used premade pie crust I bought at the store because I didn’t have time to make pie crust.

My dad left mid-afternoon as he had a 3-hour drive back home, and needs to work tomorrow. Then my oldest and I tag-teamed the dishes, I really need to schedule an appliance repair person to come fix our dishwasher! Now we are relaxing and I’ve declared it “fend for yourself” night for supper. This mama is done cooking for the day. I plan to spin a bit and knit until bedtime. I might check a few places for Black Friday deals but Friday is rest and relax day as well. Our youngest two kiddos are each battling a cold. Middle kiddo is almost better but Miss 4-year-old is still at the beginning and quite miserable.

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