Spinning, Wool

Blending and combing

I started blending the multiple shades of grey in my Cormo fleece so I have a more even shade. Most of the locks are a medium grey but some are very light. There will still be some differences between the bundles but I think it will blend better than if I didn’t do this step.

I spun a small sample to see how it drafted both from combed locks and directly from the lock. Because I’m aiming for a worsted weight yarn, I had to force myself to spin thicker which was different. I definitely don’t spin lace weight singles but it’s not bulky either. Most of my spinning tends to end up around fingering weight as singles.

When I spun directly from the lock, I had trouble keeping my drafting even. My sample (left on the pink background) was plied back on it self, losing most of the twist in some areas. But you can see where I lost control of the grist. My combed fiber sample (on the right) was more even but still not perfect as I was trying to spin thicker than what my hands and the fiber wanted to.

The pattern I’m aiming for does have a fingering weight version but I’d rather not have to do that. Although if I get more of a DK I can adjust the pattern a bit to work. I need to spin another sample to see what the fiber wants to be spun at and go from there.

I have a new E-spinner (an Electric Eel nano 1.1) coming Monday and I’m thinking I’ll use that to spin for this project. I’ll show it off after it arrives and I’ve had a few minutes to get aquatinted.

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