Spinning, Wool

Spinning Saturday

After my middle had bowling practice, I spun a bit on Saturday. This was more of a fun, no cares type of spinning project. The fiber is a White Targhee / Debouillet cross I bought from the Woolery. I bought 4 pounds of it thankfully as I am completely in love with this fiber. I’m spinning this from both carded rolags and combed nests, although they will go to different projects. I wanted to spin up the rolags as a thick and thin. The pound these came from had lots of second cuts that I missed during scour and didn’t care enough to pick out while prepping the fiber for carding. It actually added some great texture to the singles.

I didn’t weigh the rolags to see how much I started with and I didn’t measure the wraps per inch (WPI) of the singles. I just let the fiber flow through my fingers and become what it wanted to be. When I finished I had 288 yards of thick and thin 2-ply that will be great for weft on a shawl. Maybe I’ll use some of the combed top as the warp.

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