In all shapes and sizes

This post appeared in an old site of mine focused on knitting hats for preemies. I’m putting it here so it’s still available.

Premature babies come in all sizes, some born too early to survive.  Each baby, no matter how small, should have a hat to keep them warm.

Gestational Age (weeks)11121314151617181920
Total length (inches)  4567899.510
Weight (ounces)  0.751.52.53.556.758.7510
Head Circumference (inches)2.52.753.53.754.7555.566.56.75
Gestational Age (weeks)22242628303234363840
Total length (inches)1111.751414.7515.7516.7517.7518.7519.520
Total weight (pounds)11.251.752.2533.754.755.756.757.5
Head circumference (inches)7.58.759.510.51111.512.2512.751313.5

Newborn- Head Circumference 13″ – 14″ Hat height = 5.5 to 6″

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